Tag: Sci-fi Romance

Uncommon Treasure (Drifting Treasure Series #7)

Chapter 1 – Clalls is Whining Again Nova was feeling good. A few hours in the medbed, healing from a few broken bones, a dash of internal bleeding, were worth it. Killing the sneaky little bastard with black-wings and a spiked tail that lied… Continue Reading “Uncommon Treasure (Drifting Treasure Series #7)”

Unnatural Treasure (Drifting Treasures #6)

Chapter 1 – Training the Infants Clalls sat behind a lavish Minky desk, relaxed with his index fingers steepled together, going over loose ends. His birthday celebration was ten days away and yet there was still so much to do, because he wasn’t simply… Continue Reading “Unnatural Treasure (Drifting Treasures #6)”

Who are the 371?


Unusual Mate

Chapter One Pasha stood between two males with her wrists bound behind her back. She had been kidnapped, drugged, sold and now she was here, inside a large cave that smelled like wet earth. The one who bought her stood expressionless, but she felt… Continue Reading “Unusual Mate”

How Rannn met Ansel

The start of his crew Rannn was sitting on a bench outside Admiral Orin’s office. Back on Yunkin, it was suffocating with all the politics, the questions, and requests to visit family. He couldn’t wait until he was back on his ship. But first,… Continue Reading “How Rannn met Ansel”

A Dirth’s Gift

  A Dirth’s Gift: Port Meno Series (Book 1)   Chapter One Amee checked the time on her Minky watch as the androids continued to unload the shipment from her ship. Small rolling bodies with long pincher arms moved faster than the usual dock… Continue Reading “A Dirth’s Gift”