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Unexpected Captain: Chapter One

Chapter One – Innocent The meeting had ended, and everyone was now retreating from Captain Rannn’s office. It had been weeks since the battle with Fynbar and his killer bots. They’d won, but all this time had been spent locating the slaves and healing… Continue Reading “Unexpected Captain: Chapter One”

Unexpected Master: Chapter 1

Chapter One Beware Elder Irin and Elder Munker had no idea that they were about to die a rather gruesome death. The two doomed men were having a conversation in Elder Irin’s office in the west wing of the reproduction section at Pettemway Hospital… Continue Reading “Unexpected Master: Chapter 1”

Untamed Roommate: Ch 1

Chapter 1 “Is that him?” Gini asked quietly as the massive beast of a male stalked out of her boss’s office. Her supervisor, who had escorted her to the waiting room, nodded solemnly. “And you want me to work with him by myself on… Continue Reading “Untamed Roommate: Ch 1”

Unexpected Enemy: Ch 1

Chapter One – Unnatural Gifts “Damn it. I’m going to need another project.” Lita stood over her nearly complete all-terrain hopper. In two hours, it would purr to life, perfectly polished without anywhere to go. In total, it had taken six months working after… Continue Reading “Unexpected Enemy: Ch 1”

Uninvited Roommate: Chapter One

Read first chapter for free. Chapter One Naff’s lids were heavy and his muscles ached as he lurched through the restaurant kitchen’s double doors with a helio-carrier topped with dirty dishes. Hickory smokers full of ribs and brisket lined the back cooking area. The… Continue Reading “Uninvited Roommate: Chapter One”

Unintentional Obsession Ch 1

Things you need to know before starting this book: Demons are not demonic creatures. They are an alien race of Kirca that took on the Demon nick name. Red Demons have copper red skin and lusty attitude. Roth Demons with blue skin and like… Continue Reading “Unintentional Obsession Ch 1”