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Behind the Story: All About Unexpected Commander

Out of all my books thus far, this has been hardest one to write. No joke, I wrote 300 pages, sent it to a beta read and they hated it. Me after getting their reply: The next day, I deleted all 300 pages and…

Behind the Story: All About the Outworlds

Beware of the outworlds… there are creatures that will haunt your nightmares. Federation space is made up of several humanoid races. Although each are unique in their own way, they don’t have unusual abilities like telepathy or telekinesis. Those kind of traits are found…

Behind the Story: Slang and other Futuristic Terms

Every good fantasy, paranormal and science fiction book has new vernacular. Combining new worlds, new races and cultures there had to be a list of new slang words, religion and cultural norms. In the Unexpected Series you can’t miss the deity Seth of Stars….