Category: Short Stories

Unloved Treasure: Chapter One

Chapter One Clalls stood on the bridge of the transporter, looking at the derelict spaceport. A wide globe with a transparent shell on top was displayed on the navigation screen. The bottom half of the sphere was metal. So far, it didn’t look too… Continue Reading “Unloved Treasure: Chapter One”

Unlucky Roommate: Chapter 1

Chapter One Chivva stepped out of her apartment, feeling a quick vibration on her wrist from her Minky watch. Tapping the screen, she accepted the voice call from her boss. “Hey.” “Got a new contract this morning. Don’t go to Grand Canal like I… Continue Reading “Unlucky Roommate: Chapter 1”

Untamed Roommate: Ch 1

Chapter 1 “Is that him?” Gini asked quietly as the massive beast of a male stalked out of her boss’s office. Her supervisor, who had escorted her to the waiting room, nodded solemnly. “And you want me to work with him by myself on… Continue Reading “Untamed Roommate: Ch 1”

Unstoppable Roommate: Ch 1

Chapter One Mali was in bed, reclined on three pillows, watching a movie that was on her to-watch list for two years. On her nightstand was an empty six-pack of Niffy drinks and the floor was littered with brown bags of left over greasy and fried… Continue Reading “Unstoppable Roommate: Ch 1”

A Dirth’s Gift

90 Minute Short Story ***UNEDITED***   A Dirth’s Gift: Port Meno Series   Chapter One Amee checked the time on her Minky watch as the androids continued to unload the shipment from her hauler. Small rolling bodies with long pincher arms moved faster than… Continue Reading “A Dirth’s Gift”