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Behind the Story: Slang and other Futuristic Terms

Every good fantasy, paranormal and science fiction book has new vernacular. Combining new worlds, new races and cultures there had to be a list of new slang words, religion and cultural norms. In the Unexpected Series you can’t miss the deity Seth of Stars….

Behind the Story: All About the Crew

I’ve been watching my Advanced Reading Copy Reviews come in and I had two that both commented on the excessive crew. One reviewer wrote: “Humorous and entertaining with some action and drama. An overwhelming amount of characters to keep up with but worth it.”…

Behind the Story: The Federation

I have to be honest, I wish I coined a new name for my Federation. Galactic something. But after publishing Unexpected Prize, I was married to the term. Therefore I couldn’t change it to something that rightfully represented what the Federation mission. The Federation…