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Unexpected Enemy: Ch 1

Chapter One – Unnatural Gifts “Damn it. I’m going to need another project.” Lita stood over her nearly complete all-terrain hopper. In two hours, it would purr to life, perfectly polished without anywhere to go. In total, it had taken six months working after… Continue Reading “Unexpected Enemy: Ch 1”

Ungrateful Roommate: Ch 1

Chapter One Ryya was on the plush couch inside her apartment living room watching a video on home improvements. This episode demonstrated how to a covered patio with adjustable walls and a swing bed. She wanted one. The house was brand new two years… Continue Reading “Ungrateful Roommate: Ch 1”

Behind the Story: All About Unexpected Commander

Out of all my books thus far, this has been hardest one to write. No joke, I wrote 300 pages, sent it to a beta read and they hated it. Me after getting their reply: The next day, I deleted all 300 pages and… Continue Reading “Behind the Story: All About Unexpected Commander”