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How Rannn met Ansel

The start of his crew Rannn was sitting on a bench outside Admiral Orin’s office. Back on Yunkin, it was suffocating with all the politics, the questions, and requests to visit family. He couldn’t wait until he was back on his ship. But first,… Continue Reading “How Rannn met Ansel”

Captain Rannn’s Interview

A few days ago I asked my Facebook followers what they would ask my indomitable Yunkin captain. Below is an interview, written in second person to give the interview an intimate feel. You’ve read about him in the Federation archives. At a hundred and… Continue Reading “Captain Rannn’s Interview”

Behind the Character: Clalls

As an author I will admit to loving my main characters so much that I have crafted an entire love story for them. Which means, I will force them to grow as a person, and then make the romance a tiring and vexing process… Continue Reading “Behind the Character: Clalls”

Behind the Character: Sands

Who is he? No joke, this guy was an accident I wrote in Unexpected Prize. He appeared during the early drafts when the Rastos Captain was trying to sell “The Cerebral” to the Chancellor. I was in a jam trying to figure out how… Continue Reading “Behind the Character: Sands”