Unexpected Demon


Unexpected Demon

(Book 2)

I never liked her kind before. Rank climbing bastards. Liars. Cowards.

But the second I see her I’m captivated by her smooth curves, long thick hair and a poised attitude. I’m obsessed. She’s got guts, smarts and if I charm her right, she’ll come willingly to my bed.

She’s nothing like I expect. She’s also taken unnecessary risks.

When I get my hands on her, she better be prepared for what a night in my bed entails… and she better promise never to go anywhere without me to protect her.

Note to readers: This is the second book in the series, it it highly recommended that you read book 1. If you are looking for a Science Fiction Romance with steamy sex and a loyal crew of misfits  – than this series is for you.


What You Need to Know

Unexpected Demon picks up at the very end of Unexpected Hostage. There is a prologue to this story so you get an inside look at what happened on the spaceship before Rannn’s crew arrives.

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In this book the team takes over a lot of problems, pulling you in several directions. There are more planets, regulations, races, people and a touch of romance between the main characters.

This book is enjoyed best if you read Unexpected Hostage first. There was a lot of information covered in Unsuspected Hostage that is not explained in depth later.

It’s also recommended to read Behind the Book, Behind the Character Vivra, All About the Crew, Behind the Federation, Behind the Slang and Other Futuristic Terms and Sci’s Archives.