Unexpected Prize


Book .5

Short Novel


Jarr-o is an alien gladiator that just won a fight-to-the-death, instead of money he’s given a strange Earth woman.

Frustrated by the loss of funds he has no idea what to do with the feisty female. If he sells her she will be abused or killed, if he takes her home, she’ll drive him crazy.

Jarr-o is about to lose the first battle of his life, and it’s to the most stubborn, soft and beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Struggling between his desires and Cara’s rebellious nature, he has to decide if all the trouble of keeping his prize is worth it because if he gets rid of her, he might be able to return to the arena- this time as a trainer. More money, less pain.

Note to reader: This is a Science Fiction Romance that contains a lot of action between alien gladiators, rouge beasts, as well as a steamy romance between a determined male falling for a feisty Earth woman this series is for you.


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