Unexpected Demon

Book 2




I never liked her kind before. Rank climbing bastards. Liars. Cowards.

But the second I see her I’m captivated by her smooth curves, long thick hair and a poised attitude. I’m obsessed. She’s got guts, smarts and if I charm her right, she’ll come willingly to my bed.

She’s nothing like I expect. She’s also taken unnecessary risks.

When I get my hands on her, she better be prepared for what a night in my bed entails… and she better promise never to go anywhere without me to protect her.


Note to readers: This is the second book that follows a motley crew that came together from corners of the known universe. If you are looking for a Science Fiction Romance with steamy sex and a loyal crew of misfits that figure out how to win because there is no other option – than this book is for you.




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