Unintentional Addiction


Unintentional Addiction

(Book 1)

Adelia is trying to get her life together, to settle down on a safe planet, find a loving mate and a job she enjoys.

Except she’s been abandoned on Lotus Adaamas by her ex-captain. All her things are back on the ship and she has no money, no friends to help her out and no idea what she’s going to do now.

Maybe Seth of Stars is punishing her… 

Zane is a Silk Demon and his business is taking a hit.

He needs to work harder at finding new clients to make up for the ones his ex-associate stole. Lucky for him, he just caught a female down on her luck – with contacts that link back to Yunkin. One problem, she smells like his favorite fruit and he wants to devour her mouth and get lost in her taste.

No, he need to focus. Maybe Seth of Stars is punishing him…

Adelia needs the job he’s offering to pay for a flight off the Demon run planet. Zane needs her contacts to save his business. It was only suppose to be a business arrangement.

Note to reader: This is a fast pace, steamy Sci-fi Romance with a strong heroine who keeps getting back up when life knocks her down. This book can be read as a stand alone, but the world, races and characters can be found in my other series.


What You Need to Know

This series is a spin off of from the Unexpected Series. All the worlds, races and cultures you read about on in that series are the same in this series. In fact many of the characters make cameos between booth series.

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Unintentional Addiction occurs during the tail end of Unexpected Demon and the start of Unexpected Commander.

Lotus Adaamas is a port planets that specializes in entertainment and supplies. Think of it like Las Vegas had a baby and it turned out to be a large island on an acidic oceanic planet.

For the best enjoyment read, Behind the story, and Sci’s Archives.