Behind the Book: Unintentional Addiction

Unintentional Addiction (UA) is a spin off from the Unexpected Series.

At first I planned to write UA to introduce a few characters and races so readers could gain insight into my world without pages and pages of backstory. Because my stories are from limited point of view, I had to think of a way to give insight into characters in an entertaining way.
It would be safe to assume that Lotus Adaamas is a companion series to Unexpected. Key players in each will have an effect on each other.
For example, the male who rules Lotus Adaamas pops up in several books and in several series. Z is also a key player in several books and since his romance happened in between book 2 and book 3 this was a perfect time to release the story.
But as I say that, I should confess that when I first wrote this back in 2013 it was a contemporary office romance. I’m happy to say that I took great pleasure in expanding the story and characters. Adding in the futuristic elements took the longest time.
During the re-wite, I took out the old heroine and put in Adelia, Rannn’s sister. Mostly because the story was roughly written and the old heroine didn’t have much of a personality. What I didn’t change  was Z. He was the same person from the first draft with the addition of being able to enter into someone’s dreams.
This story was fun to write because Z was such a quirky character.
Even my editor told me she enjoyed working on this story because it had humor and a strong romance. The benefit to writing this book before Commander was that I had to layout the planet and give it a detailed backstory. Something I thought I had, but realized it wasn’t enough.
Now that I created this awesome planet with real people, I have planned and plotted three more books for this series. As a special sneak peek I’ll let you know that the next book in this series is with Shine – Unintentional Obsession.
But let’s get back to UA and talk a little bit about Silk Demons and Graches.
I can’t say what originally turned me on to the concept of having addictive skin, saliva and sex, but I think it made this story more interesting. As a Grach, mating outside the race would work against them; because if you think about it, there is no…dating with kissing and casual sex. One kiss, one steamy intimate moment and you would be hooked. If was me, I would have to really liked the person and be sure before there was any…extra stuff happened.
Of course Z is a risk taker, and he goes for what he likes. Thank goodness for that or this story would have gone nowhere.
I’ve met people like him before who never doubt themselves and in a way I admire that.
As for him being a Silk Demon, that took sometime to explain the concept to myself, let alone write it down. The first scene with Z going into his head or as some might say, is mind palace, I had to describe it in a way that would make sense.
I decided that since most people have unique minds and see things differently that each Silk would have a different mental palace too. If Z was an anti-hero type character, I could see him using that ability in some terrible way. Thankfully, he was a pretty decent guy. And he had to be, if he was going to mate with someone who had Yunkin-like morals.
Lastly, I wanted to ask a question to any readers who read Unintentional Addiction.
What was one of the questions you had, that didn’t get answered?


Behind the Author: Where it Began

Insights into Layla Stone, her writing, her process and her imagination.


What do you do when you are not writing?

If I’m not writing, I’m probably at home, picking up toys, cooking, watching Spiderman with my son for the 100th time, reading to my daughter or relaxing with my husband.

Do you have a day job as well?

I have a day job as a conference room technician. It’s a good job with great pay so I would only leave it if I made more in book sales than I do as a technician.

When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?

Oh wow, I started writing scenes when I was a teenager. I completed my first futuristic romance book when I was twenty-four. Sent that to a few publishing companies. No one was interested. 

I really liked the premise and I may end up rewriting it to fit a book in my Science Fiction and Fantasy worlds.

How did you choose the genre you write in?

I think it was a combination of reading books by Laurann Donner, Cynthia Sax, Anna Hackett and C.L. Scholey. I feel in love with the futuristic worlds, aliens and interspecies relationships.

Where do you get your ideas?

My first book, and the start of the Unexpected Prize happened while I was reading a friend’s manuscript. The book was a lion shifter romance, but for whatever reason I read a line and my mind just stopped reading and suddenly, I was imagining a grey gladiator named Jarr-o who just found out he wasn’t being paid for winning the last fight, he was being given a Terran female….and he wasn’t happy about it.

The entire story and plot idea came from that moment. I put down my friend’s book to write out the premise and opening chapter. Then later that night I went back to my friend’s book and finished reading her draft because I knew the next day I was going to delve back into my idea and get it written.

Do you ever experience writer’s block?

Yes, there are days when I have a hard time writing. Those are terrible days, and even then I try to force myself to write something. Even if I know that I will delete it the next day, I still write something.

I also try to read something that will spark some kind of emotion. But to be honest, nothing works, I end up taking a mulligan for the day and hope that after a good nights’ rest I can get my head back in the clouds and write better scenes.

Sleep works wonders!

If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your novel or getting it published that you would change?

Absolutely. I wish I could go back and re-work Unexpected Prize and made it book one in a series about gladiators from Angny. I could write his sister’s book and a few others.

I’m playing with the idea…we’ll see.

Can you tell us about your upcoming book?

Sure, I can tell you about the books I am working on this year and a half. Next month I will launch book one in the Lotus Adaamas series called Unintentional Addiction. The great thing about this book is it lines up perfectly to where Unexpected Demon left off.

In June, I will launch book 3 in the Unexpected Series called Unexpected Commander. This book’s timeline will pick up right after Unintentional Addiction.

After that I plan to launch book two in the Lotus Adaamas series called Unintentional Obsession. This will pick up after Unexpected Commander.

Next is book four in the Unexpected series called Unexpected Enemy.

Then I will launch the book five Unexpected Master and hopefully shortly after that I will finish the series with Unexpected Captain.

Following the end of Unexpected Captain I will complete Lotus Adaamas series book three. I don’t have a title for it yet.

What does your family think of your writing career?

My husband and sister are incredibly supportive. I love them for listening to my thoughts and complaints but the one person I owe my author success to is my amazing friend Melissa.

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be a published author. I would still write books for myself and headed nowhere.

She introduced me to my first editor in 2015. That editor introduced me to Amazon’s KDP and createspace.

I freaked out a little because I didn’t know the first thing about publishing. Melissa knew nothing about being a publisher either, but she has a better mind for business and an eye for detail. She urged me forward, gave me tasks such as setting up a website, a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

After that I felt more confident as I researched more, learned about book covers, blurbs, copy writing and book formatting. Each step Melissa has been there to support me on whatever I was working on or struggling with. Many times she would walk with me as I poured out my frustrations. Then in true Melissa fashion she’d analyze the issues and solve the problems one by one.

She never did the work for me, but that was because she couldn’t. Melissa suffers from aphantasia. A condition where a person can’t imagine or visualize images in their mind. No joke, this is a real thing. So as you can guess she can’t help plot ideas, characters or help with book titles, but everything else she’s brilliant.

It’s a perfect working partnership.

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Without hesitation I need to express my gratitude for each reader/fan who has enjoys my stories. Writing is my passion, but it has not come easy. My betas and editor will know better than anyone how many times I’ve rewritten a story from scratch, revised and revised again. Doubted myself as an author and then woke up, shook off the doubt and got back to work.

Every time someone buys a book or reads it on kindle unlimited, I see that and it makes me smile.

Every time someone leaves a review, good or bad, I see that and I appreciative the time they took to let me know what they thought.


Behind the Story: All About the Outworlds

Beware of the outworlds… there are creatures that will haunt your nightmares.

Federation space is made up of several humanoid races. Although each are unique in their own way, they don’t have unusual abilities like telepathy or telekinesis. Those kind of traits are found in the outworlds.

The Federation Admirals know they can’t control those races which is why they use excessive force to keep the their side of space guarded.

What the Council Admirals don’t know is that outworlders visit two particular planets on the forbidden side of space.

The first and most frequented is Lotus Nexis – a non-federation controlled port planet that supplies a bountiful array of sexual partners, so long as you can pay.

Lotus Nexis was once run by a sadistic cyborg named Madam Allure. When her rule ended, Madam Amri took over and implemented new rules, new women and men, and new programs to ensures the safety of each bed partner.

Read more about that in the Lotus Nexis Series coming 2020.

The other planet that does business with outworlders is Angny. Not because they are letting the visitors use the lay houses, but because Angny is a gladiator planet, and some races enjoy fighting for money and prestige.

Of course it takes skill and experience to go up against a outworlder. A young Angny fighter wouldn’t be expected to know how to fight against massive fire balls being thrown by a Fire-Fevor.

Those guys are hard to kill. But not as hard as a Crippelaean who have a unique exotic look with their bumpy dark and silver skin, with pitch black eyes, excellent sense of smell and modified salivary glads that spit paralyzing venom.

Let’s not forget the famous dragon men or better known as Kinglings.

Or the race that can manipulate existing energy also known as Bouses.

Norbies have been known to catch a fight or two, so they can use their gravity manipulation against their opponents.

Which leaves four more races with unique traits, but are too primitive to travel outside their planet. In fact they rarely leave the area they were born.

One of these races can link their ancestry back to the Cerebrals. These quick tempered race are called Bezorals. They have telepathic ability, but only to receive, not to transmit.

Moricrees are as creepy as they they are named with birdlike faces, wings and feathered bodies with long stork like legs and walk around like humans. They have the ability to hide in shadows or become a shadow. Omnivores.

Haylors have the uncanny ability to manipulate their bones, flesh and organs to fit inside incredibly tight places. With black and white spotted skin, red palms, chest and belly they are easy to spot out, but hard to find if you scare them.

Last but not least are the Boore. A race that can manipulate shadows and light. Not much is know about this shy race other than they speak in sounds and they have glowing red eyes.

Now that you’re up to date on all the races from the outworlds you won’t be surprised if you catch one or two in any upcoming books. If you’re interested in what these races may look like click here to go to my pintrest page.