Behind the Race: Bolarks

I created the first Bolark in the first or second draft of Unexpected Hostage.

I had a captain come to pick up the team after they had rescued themselves from the Donnies. The captain, a Bolark refused to allow Sci on board because he was a threat to his crew.

This was after Rannn and Pax explained how Sci helped them escape. Rannn and Pax responded to the tight-nosed captain as a Bolark Scumbag.

That scene was taken out, and I ended up making the Admiral of Pegna a Bolark instead. I wanted a race that was known for being kind of scummy. But not in a way that they did dangerous things, more like political intrigue, and were self-serving.

I also turned around and made Pax’s heroine a Bolark, because I’m into that kind of enemies to lovers kind of story.

In a nutshell here are the specifics about the race.

The Bolark culture:

The positive traits: Success-Oriented, Efficient, Adaptive, Excelling, Driven and Image Conscious.

The negative traits: Boastful, Insincere, Self-Promoting, and Social climbers.

The Bolark physical features:

They have scales instead of skin. The colors range from off-white to dark green. The face is usually lighter colored along with the belly, hands, and soles of their feet.

They have a low body temperature and enjoy the heat.

Their scales need to be treated with particular kinds of soaps and lotions because they do not have skin.

The Bolark Planet:


Swampy and humid mostly water. The planet is the size of Texas.

The highly prominent Bolarks have large luxury houses and love big festivities to show off and mingle boasting of their success.

The low prominent Bolarks have a tough time raising the ranks on the planet and are used for many unwanted serving jobs. Most low prominent Bolarks have moved off the planet and were replaced with robots from Verrain.

*Verrain being a cybernetic planet that is dedicated to making robots and cyborgs.