Ungrateful Roommate: Ch 1

Chapter One

Ryya was on the plush couch inside her apartment living room watching a video on home improvements. This episode demonstrated how to a covered patio with adjustable walls and a swing bed.

She wanted one.

The house was brand new two years ago when she bought it, but it had absolutely no personality. So, she spent all her free time upgrading and decorating.

Her eyes were heavy, but she needed to finish the episode to figure out the material costs, the directions and possible challenges if she was going to start on it tomorrow.

Putting in a patio by herself wasn’t going to be easy, and she needed to know exactly how to get it done. 
The show paused as her screen chimed, alerting her to an incoming video call from her mother, Meradi.

Rolling on to her back she covered her eyes and groaned, “Accept call.” Her video transitioned to her mother’s face glaring at her with narrowed eyes. “Why are you still up? Don’t you have work in the morning?”

Rubbing her eyes, she sat forward. “Why would you call if you thought I would be asleep? Which I was. Asleep, I mean. Until you woke me up with your call,” she lied.

“You didn’t look like you were sleeping.”

“I’m learning to sleep with my eyes open, Ma.”

Meradi rolled her eyes. “Anyway, your sister called. She said she needed money to cover a new yearly fee. I need to keep things even between you two so I’m sending you a thousand keleps too.”

Ryya’s skin tightened with frustration. Her sister was a liar. Earlier in the day Wrey called with the same sob story. And yet, knowing it was a lie, Ryya still gave her the money. She knew the kind of life her sister lived. Plus the female couldn’t budget to save her life. 
And her piece of crap husband wasn’t any better.

It rubbed her raw to know right after Ryya transferred a thousand keleps to Wrey, her sister went to their mom looking for more. 
Rubbing her mouth, she shook her head. “Don’t you dare send me anything. I have money. I work, and I don’t need you to dip into your savings.”
Her mother lived on the interest of an eight figure savings account. Ryya’s father had saved so he and her mother could travel when he retired. Too bad he didn’t survive the on-the-job accident.
“Ryya… are you sure? I have the money.”

Her mother lived so far away all she could do to show her love by sending money. It both pleased and upset Meradi that Ryya supported herself.

“Ma, I have the money.”

Meradi frowned. “Okay.”

Internally she rolled her eyes at her mother. It was the same argument every time. “And even if I didn’t have plenty of money, Ma, I’m interviewing for a roommate tomorrow, so I will have more than enough.”

“Who are you interviewing?”

Closing her eyes, Ryya honestly couldn’t remember the name. “I don’t know. I forget. I’ve met with two others, but they didn’t like the room. Or maybe they didn’t like me.”

“How can you say that? You are beautiful. Your house has all those new things. What time are they coming over?”

Trap. Big trap.

Her mother would take a Nack Krawler and come for the interview.

Not good.

“I forget. I’ll check my calendar in the morning.” Yawning Ryya added, “Okay, Ma, I’m serious. I need to go to bed.”
“Okay, baby. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

 The call terminated and Ryya walked around the couch toward the central hall that intersected the kitchen, living room and back bedrooms. The carpet was brand new with a soft spongy texture that her toes gripped as she walked. It was like walking on squishy clouds.

Ryya absolutely loved it. And soon, she’d love her new patio too.


Read all about Ryya’s interview, and the crazy arrogant Demon who shows up. It’s a 90-minute Sci-fi romance – perfect for the woman on the go.

Get your copy here.

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