Behind the Book: Unintentional Addiction

Unintentional Addiction (UA) is a spin off from the Unexpected Series.

At first I planned to write UA to introduce a few characters and races so readers could gain insight into my world without pages and pages of backstory. Because my stories are from limited point of view, I had to think of a way to give insight into characters in an entertaining way.
It would be safe to assume that Lotus Adaamas is a companion series to Unexpected. Key players in each will have an effect on each other.
For example, the male who rules Lotus Adaamas pops up in several books and in several series. Z is also a key player in several books and since his romance happened in between book 2 and book 3 this was a perfect time to release the story.
But as I say that, I should confess that when I first wrote this back in 2013 it was a contemporary office romance. I’m happy to say that I took great pleasure in expanding the story and characters. Adding in the futuristic elements took the longest time.
During the re-wite, I took out the old heroine and put in Adelia, Rannn’s sister. Mostly because the story was roughly written and the old heroine didn’t have much of a personality. What I didn’t change  was Z. He was the same person from the first draft with the addition of being able to enter into someone’s dreams.
This story was fun to write because Z was such a quirky character.
Even my editor told me she enjoyed working on this story because it had humor and a strong romance. The benefit to writing this book before Commander was that I had to layout the planet and give it a detailed backstory. Something I thought I had, but realized it wasn’t enough.
Now that I created this awesome planet with real people, I have planned and plotted three more books for this series. As a special sneak peek I’ll let you know that the next book in this series is with Shine – Unintentional Obsession.
But let’s get back to UA and talk a little bit about Silk Demons and Graches.
I can’t say what originally turned me on to the concept of having addictive skin, saliva and sex, but I think it made this story more interesting. As a Grach, mating outside the race would work against them; because if you think about it, there is no…dating with kissing and casual sex. One kiss, one steamy intimate moment and you would be hooked. If was me, I would have to really liked the person and be sure before there was any…extra stuff happened.
Of course Z is a risk taker, and he goes for what he likes. Thank goodness for that or this story would have gone nowhere.
I’ve met people like him before who never doubt themselves and in a way I admire that.
As for him being a Silk Demon, that took sometime to explain the concept to myself, let alone write it down. The first scene with Z going into his head or as some might say, is mind palace, I had to describe it in a way that would make sense.
I decided that since most people have unique minds and see things differently that each Silk would have a different mental palace too. If Z was an anti-hero type character, I could see him using that ability in some terrible way. Thankfully, he was a pretty decent guy. And he had to be, if he was going to mate with someone who had Yunkin-like morals.
Lastly, I wanted to ask a question to any readers who read Unintentional Addiction.
What was one of the questions you had, that didn’t get answered?


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