Behind the Story: All About the Outworlds

Beware of the outworlds… there are creatures that will haunt your nightmares.

Federation space is made up of several humanoid races. Although each are unique in their own way, they don’t have unusual abilities like telepathy or telekinesis. Those kind of traits are found in the outworlds.

The Federation Admirals know they can’t control those races which is why they use excessive force to keep the their side of space guarded.

What the Council Admirals don’t know is that outworlders visit two particular planets on the forbidden side of space.

The first and most frequented is Lotus Nexis – a non-federation controlled port planet that supplies a bountiful array of sexual partners, so long as you can pay.

Lotus Nexis was once run by a sadistic cyborg named Madam Allure. When her rule ended, Madam Amri took over and implemented new rules, new women and men, and new programs to ensures the safety of each bed partner.

Read more about that in the Lotus Nexis Series coming 2020.

The other planet that does business with outworlders is Angny. Not because they are letting the visitors use the lay houses, but because Angny is a gladiator planet, and some races enjoy fighting for money and prestige.

Of course it takes skill and experience to go up against a outworlder. A young Angny fighter wouldn’t be expected to know how to fight against massive fire balls being thrown by a Fire-Fevor.

Those guys are hard to kill. But not as hard as a Crippelaean who have a unique exotic look with their bumpy dark and silver skin, with pitch black eyes, excellent sense of smell and modified salivary glads that spit paralyzing venom.

Let’s not forget the famous dragon men or better known as Kinglings.

Or the race that can manipulate existing energy also known as Bouses.

Norbies have been known to catch a fight or two, so they can use their gravity manipulation against their opponents.

Which leaves four more races with unique traits, but are too primitive to travel outside their planet. In fact they rarely leave the area they were born.

One of these races can link their ancestry back to the Cerebrals. These quick tempered race are called Bezorals. They have telepathic ability, but only to receive, not to transmit.

Moricrees are as creepy as they they are named with birdlike faces, wings and feathered bodies with long stork like legs and walk around like humans. They have the ability to hide in shadows or become a shadow. Omnivores.

Haylors have the uncanny ability to manipulate their bones, flesh and organs to fit inside incredibly tight places. With black and white spotted skin, red palms, chest and belly they are easy to spot out, but hard to find if you scare them.

Last but not least are the Boore. A race that can manipulate shadows and light. Not much is know about this shy race other than they speak in sounds and they have glowing red eyes.

Now that you’re up to date on all the races from the outworlds you won’t be surprised if you catch one or two in any upcoming books. If you’re interested in what these races may look like click here to go to my pintrest page.




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