Behind the Story: All about Lotus Adaamas

Lotus Adaamas is hot, humid and acidic. One island made from five volcanoes run by Demons. If that’s not enough to keep your distance from this port planet, then you may be the right kind of crazy.

If Vegas had a baby with New York City and that child grew up and had a one night stand with Hawaii – that baby would be Lotus Adaamas.

You got to hustle to make a living on Lotus Adaamas. You have to know when you’re getting handled, when there’s an opportunity, and when you can take what you want from an unsuspecting visitor.

They have sexy women, devilish men, gambling, and the best black market dealers in the universe. And if you’re looking for something special, it’s important to know which dealer to trust to get your product and deliver on time.

On Adaamas, that Z. (meet my character inspiration for Z)3e0f7971e85154c138fb4f6d986651c5

Z is the guy who arranged to meet Vivra to deliver her a pink powdered pistol, he was the made and sold her the pixie pistol. He’s also the hero in my next book.

I’ve decided to write A Silk Demon’s Deal. It is the first book in the Lotus Adaamas series and it lines up perfectly in the Unexpected series as book #2.5.

For those of you who Captain Rannn, you may be excited to know the heroine of this book is his sister Adelia. She is his adopted sister, who was married, divorced and then exiled to from Yunkin.

This story leads right into Unexpected Commander book 3 in the Unexpected series. My hope is that the more you know about the worlds, the races and the people, the better reading experience you will have.

Here is a teaser *unedited* scene when Adelia first interact with the hero in the story.


She grabbed the dirt under her and flung it at his face, got up and ran in the opposite direction.

“Wrong way, Pet, that’s the way to my warehouse.” He called.

She veered to the other side of the street and didn’t hear him behind her. A heartbeat later she felt a strong grip grab her arm. “You came all the way out here, it would be stupid to waste the trip. Let’s catch up, what have you been doing since this afternoon.” Peering down she watched him wince. “Seth, your face is bright red. Going to need some Terren sunburn cream.”

She didn’t need cream.

She needed to dislodge his grip or become the psycho’s next victim. No such luck, his grip was tight. He pulled her all the way back the inside the warehouse. The other male, watched with mild amused smirk. The lights were on and the body she saw was gone but the streaks of blood on the floor left a fateful reminder of how dangerous Z was. “I won’t tell anyone about the body.”

Once inside the building Z told the other Demon, “Shine, close the door and see if you can find some rope.”

Shine looked at her and then Z. Surprise with a mixture of contempt on his half curled lip he asked, “Rope? Are you sure?”

“What do you mean, am I sure? Of course I’m sure.”

A snort. “A chair, a gun and a glare will do. She’s terrified, she’s not going to go anywhere.”

Z didn’t seem upset about the change. “Fine, get me those.”

Moving into a hallway she heard Shine yell out. “Think she’s a spy for Trane?”

Z held her in one hand and grabbed a chair in another. Positioned it near a series of boxes stacked almost as high as the ceiling. “No. She was left at the docks this afternoon.” Z yelled back.

Just to be clear she told them. “I’m not a spy.”

Z pushed her down to the chair gave her a single threatening finger and a look. Shine, his friend came back with a small gun. The gun didn’t look like any she had ever seen before. It had a blue marble looking handle with a series of small lights on top of the barrel.

Z took the gun, pointed it in her direction and tapped the air. As he grabbed another chair and set it down in front of her. He lowered so their eyes were closely aligned.

“I’m dying to know, how does a thief get kicked off her crew and winds up on my side of the island?” The contrast of his friendly tone holding a freakishly odd gun confused her more than it should have.

“I took one of the blue zorrs here.”

Rolling the gun, a gesture to continue.

“I wanted to sell you something, but I can see your busy, so I can find someone else.” Adelia sat forward, hoping that she sounded confident enough he would let her leave.

“Mmmnnnn. Sit back.” He used the gun to accent his words. “We’re just getting started. And you didn’t answer my question. How did you get kicked off the ship? I heard your captain say you’re a thief. I don’t do business with thieves, but I’m willing to hear you out. So make your sob story get me in the feels.”


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