Behind the Story: Slang and other Futuristic Terms

Every good fantasy, paranormal and science fiction book has new vernacular.

Combining new worlds, new races and cultures there had to be a list of new slang words, religion and cultural norms.
In the Unexpected Series you can’t miss the deity Seth of Stars. This is the Yunkins god, who rewards those who live and die with honor. But don’t be deceived the Yunkins aren’t always the composed, meek and charitable race.
Yunkin is a planet mostly covered in ice. The inhabitants, long ago sailed their icy seas and conquered until there was only one race, one religion and one way. Sound familiar to you?
If you were thinking vikings, then you’re right. Their culture was very similar to the Vikings. But after conquering others they redefined their ways, instead of an honorable kill, it became an honorable death, morphing into an honorable life.
Yunkins were the ones who helped the humans defeat the Kirca (demons), but then a little of their vikingness came out and they decided humans weren’t equipped in wherewithal, strength, technological advancements or honor – so they took over.
Once a viking, always a viking.
As time passed, and each race got use to the other cultures, I figured there would be terms that would become well known. Here are a few of the words you should know. I use the below frequently in the series.
  • Bahity – A demon disease (It’s not really a disease but what demons call it when another demon settles down with a mate)
  • Scathy Barbist – A large snake (2′ wide and 10-60′ long) with necrotic venom
  • Blitz – A quick round of sex
  • Bula pasta – Seaweed pasta with brine sauce
  • Gurk – A Brat
  • Jubriaan – Demon alcohol brewed on Lotus Adaamas. Heavy oak flavor distilled tree a sap.
  • Keleps – Money
  • Medscanner – X-ray, image of the body, blood, bones, veins, compositions, detects anomalies
  • medscope – A small device that heals most major wounds and illnesses.
  • Minky – A Brand name of electronic devices
  • Niffy drink – A carbonated sweet fruit drink that gives you the giggles or smiles.
  • Pim – A sweet fruit found on Angny planet. It tastes like a pear and a grape were cross pollinated.
  • Red algae hard candy – Bolark candy
  • Tarq – A chronic masturbater who mutilates his or her sex organ for sexual gratification
In full disclosure, most of those terms came fluidly, but when I started book two, I wanted a slang term that I could use instead of calling someone an asshole. I don’t cuss in my books unless you consider bastard or damn a curse word – I don’t, but regardless I wanted to keep the language clean. Not that my books are clean, they aren’t.
There’s sex and a little gore in every book because I like those things. I also like cussing – my husband does not like that, so I keep those words out of our conversation, but no joke if you meet me when he’s not around…. you’ve been warned.
First time, rough draft, I wrote that Sands called Pax a tarq right before the meeting, and I took my hands off the keyboard, touched the tips to my lips and whispered, “I love it.”
It felt right.
Then, because I couldn’t use the word asshole to describe the word in the book, came up with that definition. So….yeah.

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