Behind the Book: Unexpected Demon

I had a great time writing Unexpected Demon.
Pax was one of my favorite characters and I wanted him to find love unconventionally. Usually I love writing romances with a strong hero and a sweet heroine, but Pax was just too much personality for a sweet heroine.
Pax needed someone who could handle him. He needed a smart and sassy female that would get him to submit to her. But I didn’t want her to overpower him or emasculate him either.
He needed to show the readers his strength, his humor and his seriousness in battle. I also wanted him my readers to see that Pax had a soft side, but he didn’t apply it liberally.
I drew a fine line for myself.
I believe I achieved exactly what I envisioned for Pax. His romance is exciting and the power struggle is sexy, creative and fun.
The plot was just as fun to write too. The crew was given their first mission, and you get to see how they all work as team, and how the new characters found their way into the crew.
There is a little gore in the fighting scenes, but other than that, it’s mostly suspenseful. Hopefully, you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

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