Behind the Story: The Federation

I have to be honest, I wish I coined a new name for my Federation. Galactic something.

But after publishing Unexpected Prize, I was married to the term. Therefore I couldn’t change it to something that rightfully represented what the Federation mission.

The Federation is such an iconic name that I probably turned away many readers who think my books is another spin of Star Trek. The Federation in Star Trek boldly goes to search out new life and new planets.

My Federation is more like good-meaning grandparents. They let the parents or “Planet Rulers” do their thing. But when the parents make poor choices such as mass genocide, they will step in and take out the unfit parents.


They also are loving grandparents where they will show up if there is a planet-wide outbreak. This actually happens in Book 2 Unexpected Demon, and the grandparents ended up not having the capacity to help, but that’s prologue stuff.

Okay, enough metaphors here’s how the Federation started.

Humans started the Federation. Pretty obvious right? I mean, if you have any connection to the Navy you’d know about the high-end Admirals and the low-end Admirals. You’d know about the basic Navy terms such as Captain – who runs a ship, commander, medical doc, etc. You’d also know that officer rooms on a ship are called cabins and enlisted rooms (two people per room) are called berthing rooms.


Since humans from earth love to colonize other people, they decided to do the same to the alien populations.

Interestingly, they were good at it. Must have been from all the practice. Offering aid and technology to those who needed it and setting up trade between the planets. A win, win for all those who love travel and money.

Everything was going fine. Money was being made. Alliances were cultivated. It was a thing of beauty until they landed on Kirca.

Humans were used to aliens looking different. Bolarks have scales. Allus’s have dark black eyes, no cornea – stuff like that. On Kirca, some aliens had horns, tails, red skin, and every single one of them were manipulative and unfriendly. The Human Federation wanted to get the savages under control, so they requested a diplomatic meeting to go over alliance negotiations. A Night Demon named Kan agreed to the meeting and had his diplomatic team greet the humans and bring them to a secured site.

All humans died shortly after the meeting began.

The Federation ship was seized, everyone was taken prisoner and were enslaved.

Word got back to Earth. The Human Federation deemed Kirca a planet of demons and began aggressively attacking under the guise of “rescuing their human survivors.”

The Human and Kirca war didn’t last long before the Yunkins stepped in to stop the human’s from nuking the entire planet. Because let’s be honest, humans would do that.

This was the first interactions humans had with Yunkins, and let’s just say they didn’t show their most ambassadorial side.

The humans had issues with the Yunkin honor code, seeing as they didn’t always want to be honorable. Humans are funny that way right? Regardless, the Yunkins quickly overtook the Federation by shutting down the Human Federation and rebranding the Yunkin’s based military fleet as the Federation.

The Yunkins pushed their culture-wide across several star systems. They made it as far as Cerebral before they had to rethink the expansion. Cerebrals weren’t like the normal aliens with basic physical abilities. Cerebrals were telepaths and telekinesis and of course, had no honors system, so the Yunkins had a hard time trusting the race as a whole.

Yunkins didn’t have the wherewithal to work cohesively, so they let them be. However, they also cut them off from entering the Yunkin controlled space.

Those races and star systems are known as the OutWorlds.

The Yunkins laid claim to the large section of space, but they had contention building from the other races, particularly the Kirca who didn’t understand why they were not allowed to be in the Federation.

Other races also noticed they didn’t hold any high ranks such as Captain or Admiral and they felt it was unfair as well.

These issues built until war broke out primarily between the Yunkin and Kirca. A hundred years later, the war was over but one race, the Cylee had become extinct because Cylee blood had special properties that if drank by a Kirca, the Kirca had increased physical capabilities as well as increased healing.

If Cylee blood was ingested by any other race, the person would develop severe hallucinations and had a 90% death rate.

As most wars go, it took time to move on, but when it did, the Federation became what you will read about today. Many races in all different ranges of rank, and some reservations against other races.

So there you are, that’s the Federation. From start until now, and as you can see, it’s built on the US Navy format with an upgrade from the Yunkins.

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