Behind the Character: Pax

Who is he?

If you loved the charming Red Demon, then you’re going to love Pax’s story.

Pax is a Red Demon. Not a demon you’d read in paranormal romance, but an Alien race once called Kirca that were renamed demons after a bad first meeting with Terrans, but we’re getting off topic.

Red Demons are a specific type of race that specializes in sexual congress. They’re known as the best lovers in the universe – they will fulfill your best kept fantasy.

Or at least….that’s the rumor.

In Unexpected Hostage, you get a brief glimpse into the Red Demon’s stereotype. Sasha will give you a bit of backstory because she lives on a Sex-Slave planet and Red Demons are in demand. You’ll also read a scene where he uses his smoldering charm on Sasha, but she’s already in love with Sci…so no such luck for him.

Mainly what you will see is in his story, is his unwavering humor even when times are tough.

Humor and adventure are Pax’s core operating system. It’s also the hardest type of character personality to write – in my opinion. I’m not and have never been a funny person. I’ve always been the serious one, so I had to do a lot of research and interview two people who have the exact same personality as Pax.

One of these interviews was with my friend Will.

He is big like Pax, has a shaved head like Pax and cracks endless jokes like Pax.

I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to ask him to set time aside on a Saturday morning to go over his personality. But I knew he would be the best person to answer my questions with intimate detail, so I sent him a Facebook message….because phone calls are a thing of the past.

Before I arrived, I had a list of question ranging from, why he liked whiskey, the history of his love affair with whiskey, what he loved about his wife, what types of friends he surrounded himself with and what he thought his strengths were.

I’m glad I had a guideline to follow because it was easy to fall into Will’s easy conversation style – then off topic, we’d go.

Will is a solidly built 6’5 at 240 pounds. His light green eyes that stand out against his dark caramel skin and his warm smile set in a wide mouth transforms him from intense and intimidating to feeling safe and welcome.

Will was a straight up person. What you saw was what you got. He liked to laugh, he didn’t take life too seriously, and he enjoyed being where the action was or planning to be where the action was.

Pax has the same attitude. When not saving lives, he lives in the moment, and he doesn’t stop to self-analyze. And why would he? He’s awesome.

In Book 2, I force Pax into situations that will show you who he is on a visceral level. As a reader you will be able to figure out what he needs and what he wants are not the same thing.

But that’s what makes a good story right?

I won’t pretend that Pax is a deeply flawed character that has an exciting character development because he doesn’t. He’s more a static character that will keep you entertained and thrilled throughout the story.

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