Behind the Character: Sasha

Who is she?

I don’t remember when I decided to make Sasha a pilot. Unexpected Hostage was mainly created for Sci. I wanted to explore the idea of what a person would be like if they were raised in a telepathic and telekinetic culture.

I played with the concept so much that it ended up being very…sterile.

So I knew at the very beginning that his heroine HAD to make up for his mundane personality. But to make him a well-rounded, I wrote a romance so that he would have the ultimate human experience. I wanted him to find friendship, love, anger, and to push him into an untapped ability.

Sci was too controlled, calm, and lacked emotional variance. He was going to need someone who challenged him and kept questioning him.

Hence a fast-talking, adrenaline junkie Sasha.

At first, I wrote Sasha to be a little rough around the edges. Think – metal grinder and a lead pipe…that’s what Sasha was to Sci in the first draft. She lost her temper more time than I could count and for no good reason. She just reacted.

It was so annoying that I had to sit back and say to myself. “If someone else wrote this…would I read it?”

It was a no-brainer – I wouldn’t read it. I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of reading a story where the female was so demanding she steam rolled everyone around her.

Three minutes later…I deleted everything but the opening chapter and started again.

I wrote this book four times, all ending differently. (Please don’t ask me for them…they have been destroyed)

Thankfully five times was a charm.

I was able to turn this story into what I felt was a sweet romance with a few steamy scenes. Sasha had been toned down, but her emotions were still a vibrant part of her character. Of course, I kept some of her craziness, made sure to give her a strong sense of confidence where she didn’t ever doubt her skills, and, tried to insert a little humor.

Sasha was the perfect character to encourage Sci’s character development. That’s not to say he didn’t get pressure from Captain Rannn… because he did. But the internal change came from his observations of life outside Cerebral -his home planet and Sasha.

There are some violent moments in the book, particularly ones that Sasha has to experience on her own and suffer them on her own. At one point, she really hits a dark place, but I didn’t want that to be her tipping point. I didn’t want that to force her character to go through an event that changed her fundamental values. Hopefully, I did that right, and you enjoy the story.

Whether you did or didn’t, I still love to read your review.

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