Romance Writers are Today’s Casanovas

I love men.

I love all kinds of hero’s in several different types of romances.

As a romance writer, I’ve fallen in love with aliens, demons, vampires, werewolves, Lords and Barons. Each one looked nothing like the rest, and their personalizes were just as different.

Let me be clear, I have not read all kinds of romance, just the ones that I prefer.

For example, I have a weakness for Enemies-to-Lover romances. There is something inviting and exciting when I read a synopsis about two people that have a genuine reason to dislike each other. To add to the excitement, they, through a series of specific events, come to rely on each other, then fall in love. It’s the best troupe – In My Opinion.

A close runner up- my second favorite, is the sweet heroine an tortured hero.

Again, let me rule out dark romances. I’m not a fan of reading about tortured hero’s that abuse their sweet females until the heroine crumbles to his every whim.

Sweet heroines should be thoughtful, caring and can forgive over and over again. Moreover, I enjoy reading how the hero, over time, finds her tenderness a lifeline. He depends on it, and by the climax, he’s willing to sacrifice his life to keep her safe and happy.sparkler-677774_960_720

Awe. I’m getting all warm and fuzzy inside. I need to pick up one of Julie Garwood’s historical romance books now…

Using my Casanova skills in my writing. I decided to make a short list of male and female qualities I like to write about/read about.

My favorite (male) shapes and sizes.

I like two kinds of main male characters:

1) Big and tall

2) Average size and trim


My favorite (female) shapes and sizes.

I usually use a combination of these six shapes and sizes for my female leads:

1) A little taller

2) Medium height

3) Short

4) Curvy

5) Slim

6) Athletic


For personalities it too long to include everything so I reduced it down to the current types of hero’s in my Unexpected Series.

1) Intelligent and quiet

2) Moody

3) Pedantic

4) Adventurous and Funny

5) Arch type dominate leader

*Bonus* The Sociopath anti-heroman-2308464_960_720


Current personalities in my female roles.

1) Intelligent and quiet

2) Bold and emotional

3) Sweet and thoughtful

4) Sneaky and Sarcastic

5) Hardworking and oblivious – Not to be confused with the TSTL (Too Stupid To Live)

*Bonus* The confident bad-assportrait-3272002_960_720


As a romance reader I’ve also created a list of types I don’t like. And I know that I’ve already mentioned how much I don’t like abusive men, but I thought it would be expedient to make a detailed list.



  • Alpha-Assholes. I will accept moody and broody men, but not straight up assholes. I’m no longer in my twenties where I thought all bad-boys had to be that way. I’ve grown and moved on. If I pick up a book about a bad-boy, he’s going to be a clever, sarcastic with more guns and knives than necessary and he’s an expert in every single one of them. He also knows when to be strict and when to give. And he will give NO-Fucks to an authority figure when that authority figure is


  • The male that says he loves his female but refuses to listen to a word she offers in advice. Especially when it’s solid, logical advice. This type constantly devalues his woman and is overbearing in her life, to the point of being


  • The male that is interested only in having sex with the heroine, he might like her too, but for NO LOGICAL reason, he can’t. He just can’t get into a relationship.human-3326078_960_720


Okay…now for the ladies.

  • The Impossible Alpha-Female. I hate how this type of female, especially when she steam rolls everyone in the book. She is rude, mean, and undercuts the hero in the story constantly. The hero, usually fights back but as the story progresses he forgives her narcissism to the point I want to throw my kindle against the wall.fantasy-3317298_960_720


  • The “feminist” that treats her man like a slave. She makes him work for everything, and then even when he’s thoughtful she chastises him for “not asking first”. I’m a woman, I have my preferences, and this is not one of them. If my fictional-man has to ask me before doing anything-I’m going to scream.


  • The emotional female that runs into battle or any kind of danger and ruins everything. This is the To-Stupid-To-Live type and I refuse to spend my money on books like this. studio-660806_960_720


And that’s my list of Likes and Don’t Likes. Did I miss one? If so, comment below. And don’t forget to list the book that you like/don’t like. I’m always on the hunt for something good to read.




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